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9:17 pm EST
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Artistic rendering

Cover-STY_1113In the spirit of this month’s Arts issue, our fearless publisher, Kendra, thought it would be interesting for me to speak as the head of our little Akers art colony. My first thought of “Great idea!” was immediately followed by the panicky realization that while I’m comfortable expressing myself through design, type, and imagery, me find words hard do. Therefore, with two fingers ready to hammer the keyboard — and secure in the knowledge that Kendra has a backup letter — here is what I have to say about art.

Without a doubt, art is the single greatest influence in my life. As a kid, I drew my world to understand it — sometimes to escape it. Later, art is how I found my place in it. Now, the best part is I get to be surrounded by it all the time. The area’s galleries, museums, theaters, and concert halls — not to mention the many art and music festivals — give me so much to see and do. In my opinion, it is this community’s artistic spirit — as much as its natural beauty — that makes it such a great place to be.

It also inspires the magazine you are reading, and I’m not referring to just this month’s issue. We strive every single month to produce a magazine that reflects this community — your magazine. That means taking your great stories and finding the best way to tell them visually. With Fred Lopez, Steve Codraro, Anthony Casto, Josh Clark, and Michael Gaulin, we work to raise the bar graphically and photographically to make Style the magazine you deserve.

My wife likes to tease that I would redesign the entire world if allowed, and she is probably right. However, as I watch my 8 year old drawing (his world) at the table, I’m grateful he will grow up around this and I’m hopeful it will enrich his life as much as it has enriched mine.


Jamie Ezra Mark,
Chief Creative Officer

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