Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
11:56 am EDT
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Former Style Model Stars in the Fashion World

The fourth annual Hot! issue of Style magazine came out in August 2014. It featured a local model named Olivia Martin. She really made the cover come alive in the bright red dress surrounded by red peppers, and there’s a wonderful video of the entire process you might enjoy here.

These days, Olivia is still modeling, but she’s a long way from Mount Dora, where she grew up and attended high school. In fact, she was still in high school when she graced Style’s cover.

“I think I had been modeling professionally for about a year when I did the Style cover,” Olivia says. “I did it while I finished high school. Now it’s my fulltime career, and I couldn’t be more blessed to be able to do what I love every day.”

Olivia is currently in Singapore on assignment, but thanks to the convenience of email, Style talked with the young model about her career.

“I’ve done work in Miami for Phillip Lim and Target. I closed the Grinko show in Milan Fashion Week,” Olivia says.

According to fashion industry trends, a model’s career can get a big boost if she opens or closes a show.

“I made appearances in the shows for Veronique Leroy, Lutz Huelle, Tsumori Chisato, and The Unravel Project during Paris Fashion week,” Olivia says. “More recently, in Singapore, I’ve shot for Elle Magazine twice along with other magazines and was fortunate enough to shoot for Charles and Keith [Online Store]!”

Though Olivia does mostly editorial shoots, she has been on several other covers since her Style shot.

Models usually go to exotic places to do fashion shoots, and Olivia said an editorial shoot in a small town in Malaysia was one of her favorites.

“We went around the streets with our giant dresses and shot in temples, shops, food centers, doctor’s offices, and beauty parlors. Even though the townspeople couldn’t communicate directly with me due to the language barrier, they still managed to make me feel welcomed beyond belief, like a treasured guest,” Olivia says. “It’s incredible to experience a new country through the warm smiles of all the amazing people who live there. That’s a memory I will hold dear to me all my life.”

Here’s Olivia’s excited Pinterest post about her recent shoot: “Pinch me. What a dream come true. 😍😭❤😍😭❤ Me for @hermes on the subcover of @ellesingapore Styling: @darylalexusyeo Photographer: @aik_chen MUHA: @marc_teng Big thanks to our incredible team, Varien and Chris at @looquemodels, my amazing mother agents at @newversionmodels, and of course Elle Magazine!”

When Style asked what she’d like to share with friends back home, Olivia says, “Yes, I’m still awful using chopsticks. Don’t laugh at me.”

However, her advice for those wishing to pursue the career of their dreams was a bit more serious.

“Be kind to others. Follow your dreams relentlessly and be your own best friend,” Olivia says. “Pet all of the doggos. Don’t ever be old enough to stop wishing on stars, and eat plenty of avocado toast!”