Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
7:53 pm EDT
Sat, July 11, 2020

Footloose and Fancy Free

Travel is going to be a big deal for the Fourth of July weekend. According to AAA Auto Club in Tampa, it’s possible this will be a record-breaking weekend for travel.

“This Independence Day will be historic,” says Vicky Evans, assistant vice president of Travel Sales Development for AAA. “Travel bookings at The Auto Club Group are up more than 15 percent in Florida, compared to this time last year.”

Here are some of the numbers from the press release that AAA says is driving all this travel:

Independence Day Travel Forecast

  • 2 million Americans are expected to travel → 2.9% more than last year
  • 3 million Floridians are expected to travel → 4.8% more than last year
  • 5 million Americans will drive → 2.9% more than last year
  • 2 million Floridians will drive → 5% more than last year
  • 4 million Americans will fly → 4.6% more than last year
  • 168,556 Floridians will fly → 5.1% more than last year
  • 3 million Americans will take other modes of transportation → 1.4% more than last year
  • 125,305 Floridians will take other modes of transportation → 1.4% more than last year
  • Prices are on par or lower than last year

Gas prices could hit 13-year lows for the holiday

  • Airfares will average $186 → 10% less than last year
  • Daily car rental rates will average $65 → 14% less than last year
  • Hotel prices will average $185 → the same as last year

So pack your suitcase and hit the road or hop on a plane. Just remember, stay safe!