Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
4:41 am EDT
Wed, July 15, 2020

Food For Thought

There’s lots of good news for those of us who enjoy dining out.

The much-anticipated opening of Krystal in Leesburg on Monday has lovers of little square burgers shunning McDonald’s and Burger King, which both recently completed remodeling projects.

Let the burger wars commence!

But buy ’em by the sackful burgers aren’t the only new arrivals on the food scene.

The Magical Meat Boutique recently opened in Mount Dora at 112 W. Third Ave. The menu fathers roasted meats, English breakfasts and British staples like bangers and mashed.

Newly-opened Barnwood Bar-B-Cue is doing brisket, I mean, brisk, business in Eustis. Find out what all the fuss is about by visiting 50 W. Orange Avenue on the south end of Ferran Park.

To the northwest, Dippity Duey’s food truck is getting rave review for home cooked American fare. Read all about it at You can find Duey’s lunch wagon at 11031 N. Highway 301, Oxford.

Looking ahead, Chef’s of Napoli III, is planning to open this month north of Wildwood. Luigi Barile and Antonio Cacace promise authentic Italian fare.

Yum, yum!

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