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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Final Thought: Mom connection

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. 

Just recently while browsing online, and maybe because it’s nearing Mother’s Day, I came across a gif that says, “A mother’s love is eternal.”

Sure, it’s pretty cliché, but based on my own experiences, I feel it’s also true. 

Looking back, my mom has been there for me for as far back as I can remember, making sure I was taken care of physically and emotionally, from child to adulthood. For my sister, too.

She’s always believed in me, even when I felt like giving up, worried about me through difficulties, and been there to celebrate my successes. And though we’ve had our differences, she’s always loved me and still does, despite the distance between us… she lives in Arizona.

As a mom myself, I know the feeling.

I’ve fussed over each of my three kids since they were little. I’ve helped them get ready for school, packed their lunches, tended to them through sicknesses, played with them, helped with homework and projects, driven them to classes and events, cooked, cleaned, shopped for them, argued, laughed and cried with them, and more. 

Emotionally, I’ve tried my best to stay by them and root for them through struggles and victories, and bad, good, or otherwise, love them unconditionally with all my heart. 

All three are pretty much grown now, and though I’ll always be there for them, it has sure gotten harder because I’m not only up against friends, loves, and a world full of fun and adventure, but their own quest for independence and purpose. Even so, I want them to always need and love me as much as I need and love them, and lucky for me, I have that, too.

Even though I’m “however old,” every now and then, I’ll have a moment when no other person’s words, hugs, kisses or head rubs, can serve to comfort me quite like my mom’s. 

I know people who have lost their moms, and though I can’t imagine it, I’ve listened closely to them talking about the connection moving forward and am convinced that a mom’s love is so strong it transcends anything and is truly eternal. 

Though I talk to my mom on the phone often, I haven’t seen her (or my wonderful dad) in nearly two years. I don’t know when I will get to see her again, but no matter what, her love means the world to me every day. 

As for my kids, I hope I’ve done enough that they feel the same way about me. I hope they realize they can count on me forever and know my love for them is a given; no matter where they end up, how old they are, or where – in or out of this earth – I may be.  

About the Author

Originally from Nogales, Arizona, Roxanne worked in the customer service industry while writing independently for years. After moving to Florida in 1999, Roxanne eventually switched her career path to focus more on writing and went on to become an award-winning reporter for The Daily Commercial/South Lake Press newspapers for 16 years prior to coming on board with Akers Media as a staff writer in July 2020 – her dream job come true. Today, Roxanne and Keith, her husband of nearly 22 years, live in Clermont. They have three children: Megan, 29, Darius, 19, Julissa, 17, and two dogs, Cinnamon and Remi. Roxanne says her favorite things about writing stories are talking with the people she'll be featuring, listening to their histories, and learning about their passions, goals, and heart. Overall, Roxanne is grateful for all the opportunities she's been given to personally witness and realize how much of a difference people can make and how every voice, big and small, really matters. In her spare time and besides writing, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music (especially on vinyl), Zumba, taking pictures, reading, watching movies, cooking, and reality TV competition shows. As for her bucket list, Roxanne hopes to one day be a published author of children’s books and travel the world chasing sunsets.

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