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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Final Thought: Kindly speaking

Don’t just think it, say it.

Most days of the month, every month, have a national cause for celebration attached to them, and January is no exception. 

Of the month’s 31 days, 18 of them, according to, are reserved for various, somewhat nonsensical causes. For example, National Spaghetti Day is observed on Jan. 4. And the list goes on to include National Hat Day on Jan. 15, National Hugging Day on Jan. 21 – which will probably be cancelled due to social distancing guidelines – and National Spouse Day on Jan. 26. 

There’s even a National Winnie The Pooh Day and a National Chocolate Cake Day in the mix, but the day I found totally worth observing is National Compliment Day on Jan. 24. The description encourages the exchange of energy boosting verbal compliments and I think that’s awesome and somewhat easy, since I oftentimes do that already every day.

On the flip side, National Puzzle Day on Jan. 29 is one day I’m steering clear of because during the 2020 quarantine, I, like many people, bought a few puzzles that my family and I worked together on to pass time. The thing is that the activity, at least for me, was sheer torture! Although I can understand it is enjoyable for some, I decided I hate puzzles. 

Either way, and regardless of the day and its corresponding label, I think 2021 should be focused on being kind to one another. Not to sound cliché, but now more than ever, it’s important everyone at least give it a whirl despite general differences of opinion. 

Just think of all the things people never imagined having to endure, like the sudden and heartbreaking loss of friends, co-workers, loved ones; and just hearing so much about death on a daily basis. And that’s not to mention dealing with things like unemployment, homelessness, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, depression, financial strain, weight gain, addiction, and who knows what else.  

The battles of 2020 were unprecedented and are ongoing, so you may never know when a kind word or gesture will make all the difference to someone’s mental state. One kind word has been known to inspire a smile, bring hope, or simply make someone feel better.

Based on that, my plan is reminiscent of that 1993 Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day,” in that I plan on making every single day of 2021 my own personal Jan. 24. I will speak at least one sincere compliment or kind word to someone from day one and at least 364 more times in hopes of making even the tiniest bit of difference.

I invite everyone to join me in doing the same and honestly, I wouldn’t mind a compliment or kind word or two myself here and there. 

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