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3:59 pm EDT
Monday, July 26, 2021

Final Thought: Falling into Fall

‘Leaf’ me alone if you see me with a rake running to a field.

When people think of fall or autumn, they likely imagine bright yellow, red and orange hues on lines of trees that have overtaken the greens and browns of summer months. 

That’s not to mention brisker early mornings and evenings weather-wise, and sometimes snow on the ground in some areas later in the season.

Well, that’s certainly not the case for anyone in Central Florida where I’ve lived for the last 22 years, nor in southern Arizona where I grew up.

When I see pictures of the clear change of seasons, in particular cities around the country, especially going into the fall, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy for those who get to experience it.

I remember one year, when a friend of mine in Arizona gifted me with a figurine I still have of a little girl lying on a pile of colorful leaves she’d jumped into. She bought it for me because I’d mentioned that jumping into a pile of leaves was on my bucket list simply because it seems so free and fun.

It’s not something I’m even sure people really do or if it’s just something I’ve seen in the movies. But it goes along with building an honest-to-God snowman from freshly fallen snow. That would be unlike the one-and-only sorry, mud-infused snowman my sister and I excitedly built as children in Nogales, when barely enough snow fell to cover the ground.

Anyway, my husband Keith, who I just celebrated 21 years of marriage with in July, said in Traverse City, Michigan, where he lived many years ago, the fall season foliage was indeed a stunningly beautiful sight.

Keith said he’ll take me there one day and I hope we get to go, though with this ongoing pandemic it won’t be in 2020, that’s for sure.

Either way, one year, when fall rolls around, I WILL end up somewhere famous for its fall season and the first thing I’m going to do is unload the rake I’ll have with me, run to a field, build me that huge pile of leaves, fall backwards into the glorious colors of fall and lay there for a few minutes with my arms out, eyes closed and a big smile on my face… that is, until panicked thoughts of possible bugs all over me kick in.

I can’t wait.  


About the Author

Originally from Nogales, Arizona, Roxanne worked in the customer service industry while writing independently for years. After moving to Florida in 1999, Roxanne eventually switched her career path to focus more on writing and went on to become an award-winning reporter for The Daily Commercial/South Lake Press newspapers for 16 years prior to coming on board with Akers Media as a staff writer in July 2020 – her dream job come true. Today, Roxanne and Keith, her husband of nearly 22 years, live in Clermont. They have three children: Megan, 29, Darius, 19, Julissa, 17, and two dogs, Cinnamon and Remi. Roxanne says her favorite things about writing stories are talking with the people she'll be featuring, listening to their histories, and learning about their passions, goals, and heart. Overall, Roxanne is grateful for all the opportunities she's been given to personally witness and realize how much of a difference people can make and how every voice, big and small, really matters. In her spare time and besides writing, Roxanne enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music (especially on vinyl), Zumba, taking pictures, reading, watching movies, cooking, and reality TV competition shows. As for her bucket list, Roxanne hopes to one day be a published author of children’s books and travel the world chasing sunsets.