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2:47 am EDT
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

FHV Health – Dr. David C. Lew

After 20 years of care and innovation, Florida Heart and Vascular Multi-Specialty Group is now FHV Health. This change is more than a name; it signifies a shift in philosophy. 

No, the practice has not merged or been purchased by another firm. It remains the same company, guided by the same vision that has brought unprecedented success and delivered compassionate, comprehensive health care to countless Lake County residents. 

The company’s new name and logo represent the comprehensive health care approach its physicians have already been practicing for years. FHV Health is more than a cardiovascular practice; it’s a beacon of health for the community.

As the largest multi-specialty group in Lake County, FHV Health boasts 250 employees and an ever-growing staff of cardiologists, vascular surgeons, nephrologists, internists, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who set the standard for quality medical care and excellence in patient service. 

Patients already benefit from FHV Health’s whole-human health care approach. Dr. David C. Lew, who has provided care in this area since 1991, says the transition was necessary. 

Integrating specialties under one umbrella has created a unique environment that is not present in most health care systems. It’s an environment where physicians know each other, efficiently communicate among one another, and provide patients with a more seamless, more convenient care network. Patients may initially visit FHV Health for the common cold. However, if another health condition arises that requires care from a specialist, the team will be there to guide patients and coordinate all aspects of their care. Simply put, FHV offers a full continuum of care with easy access to offices, appointments, and more. 

Rather than focusing exclusively on the heart, FHV Health allows the practitioners within its network to treat various organs and diseases in people of all ages. This is especially beneficial to patients with complex or multiple health problems. 

For physicians who are part of FHV Health, one of the intangibles is the professional stimulation between colleagues. They have easy access to colleagues from different disciplines and can always seek them out when needing advice or needing important questions answered. They also have easy access to a patient’s medical history and enjoy peace of mind knowing they are referring patients to trusted and talented colleagues, ensuring patients are in capable hands. Most importantly, these physicians live and work locally, so they have a vested interest in improving the health of individuals and families in the communities they serve.

Patients, on the other hand, have the benefit of receiving coordinated, collaborative and comprehensive care from one organization. For example, someone with a heart problem may be seen and taken care of by an internist, family practitioner, cardiologist and vascular surgeon—all of whom know each other and will work together to form a treatment plan that will best suit the patient. 

“Patients are the real winners because having a multi-specialty group reduces the chance for medical error,” Dr. Lew says. “For example, if we are not sure what medications a doctor outside our practice prescribed, then they might receive a medication that is in conflict with what they’re currently taking. Conversely, modeling our practice after larger and successful organizations such as Mayo Clinic means that patient safety is enhanced, medical errors are eliminated, information is shared rapidly, and health care is delivered much more efficiently.” 

This model of community-based care is instrumental in meeting the ever-changing medical needs in Lake County. Moreover, FHV Health is proof positive that medical teamwork combined with clinical experience and convenience results in the best possible patient outcomes. FHV Health is both a reminder of how far the company has come and a promise that as it progresses, patient health will always be the focus. 

“This integrative approach to health care allows us, as doctors, to be the best physicians we can be,” Dr. Lew says. “We believe that, by becoming FHV Health, we become a beacon of health for both our community and for ourselves. As for us—for our employees, partners, and colleagues—the change is also significant. We see FHV Health as an opportunity to reimagine our environment and our culture.”


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