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EXTRAORDINARY HOMES: What’s Your Home Style?



Discover your style with the help of local Interior Designer and Florist, Janice Stokes.

“Interior Design has many styles. Some of them are traditional, contemporary, modern, French country, and cottage, but there are many more,” Janice said. If you’re unsure of what your style is, it’s easy to find it. You have only to reference a magazine or ask a designer. Lucky for you, you now have both.



“Traditional style has simplicity. Neutral colors and greens. The style of the furniture is more bulky; they usually use patterns of florals, plaids, and stripes.”

Traditional style is for everyday comfort and use. When someone refers to traditional décor and furniture, they are pinpointing styles popular in 18th century Europe. The feel is casual, orderly, and balanced. Draperies are swooped back with tassels. You’ll find an oil painting or mirror in a heavy frame, and accessories are as simple as paired candlesticks and silk flower arrangements. If this is your home style, you love the classic and familiar.


“It’s clean, it’s minimal.”

Modern style pieces together popular esthetics from the 1920’s to the 50’s. It is sleek and slimed down. Most adornment comes from structural details such as exposed brick or beams in the ceiling. Rooms are muted with only pops of color. Gray, black, and white are common. Contemporary refers to what is popular currently and it remains a favorite.



“Colonial uses dark burgundy and dark blues. They are very distinct in their furniture—Windsor chairs, poster beds, and armoires.”

This style is very specific and it draws heavily on period décor. Pieces are either antique or reproductions. Furniture and designs from the colonial era have roots in European styles, but reflect the early American need for practicality. Most likely, this is your style because you’ve deliberately chosen it.



“French Country is a moderate style, in between the baroque and farmhouse.”

This style is light and airy in its color schemes of blues and yellows. It reflects the simple, clean lifestyle of the French countryside. Floral, plaid, and striped patterns are featured, and it is popular to decorate with plates, as well as books, candlesticks, and flowers. Tapestries, paintings, and figurines are also used that depict the charm of rustic life.



“Cottage style is light and cozy. Colors are usually neutral and soft.”

Cottage style makes use of white space; wall hangings are sparse. These spaces are accented by bursts of greenery. Like modern, this style operates on the notion that less is more. But where modern style hinges on the industrial, cottage is more rustic and vintage. This style is cozy and serves you best if you favor a chic uncluttered look.


“Characterized by rustic pieces similar to French Country, but is much bolder.”

Mediterranean is a regional style, and Tuscan is a variation. These styles have both rustic and coastal influences. They best serve a large open room, one with high ceilings and large windows with generous natural light. Distinguishing features include arches, textured walls, tile work, and oversized furniture. Golds, dark reds, and cobalt blue accents are preferred.


“Eclectic is a style where you have many design styles in one place.”

This style has a lot of details that monopolizes contrast. It is a highly accessorized style tied together through shape, color, and texture. While these elements are often predetermined in other decorating styles, they become more dependent on individual taste. If you like many styles, and you can’t seem to choose one, your style may be eclectic.

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