Person of Interest: Elisha Pappacoda

Photo: Anthony Rao

Communications Director, Lake County


Vital Stats:

  • Former journalist, Fordham alum, lives in Sorrento.
  • Married to an entrepreneur.
  • Children: Dog mom.
  • Hometown: Fourth-generation New Yorker, born in Brooklyn.


Why do I enjoy my job? Serving the community, informing citizens about new services and programs, and being there for people in times of need, such as during weather emergencies.

How do I feel about the job I do with Lake County? I most enjoy the social aspect of my job, finding new and innovative ways to communicate the county’s message to broader audiences.

My motto: Your culture is your brand.

Best advice I’ve ever been given: Dare to be different and always be true to yourself.

What I treasure: Quality time with my family, friends, and pups.

Something about me no one else knows: I very briefly majored in biology in college.

Favorite food: Chargrilled oysters, nachos, or just about anything covered in unhealthy amounts of cheese.

Hobbies: Travel (especially to New Orleans), stand-up paddleboarding, painting.

Guilty pleasures: True crime TV shows and podcasts.

On my bucket list: I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco and Turkey. 

Pet peeve: Egomaniacs, tailgaters, loud chewers.

One word that describes me: Bold.

Favorite quote: “Happiness is by choice, not by chance.”