Eight words that can save your life!


Safety with car services is all in the name.

It’s obvious that words matter. Words have great power. The right combination of words even can save your life; or, if left unsaid, could end your life.

A couple of months ago, a University of South Carolina coed was waiting for an Uber ride after a late-night party. A car came for her, but it wasn’t sent by Uber. Without thinking, the girl got in and, a short time later, the driver murdered her for reasons unknown. She made a terrible mistake.

The use of ride services like Uber and Lyft are so common now that after placing an order for a ride, most people think that when a car shows up, it’s the Uber or Lyft service they ordered.

What happened to this young woman should help you realize such an assumption can be fatal.  According to one security expert, when a ride comes to pick you up, you should first ask the driver for two vital pieces of information; a total of eight short words that can save your life: “Tell me my name.” “Tell me your name.”

Orders for car services are made on an app you load into your smartphone. The apps used by both Uber and Lyft give you immediate information about the car being sent for you, including its make, model, color, license plate number, and the driver’s name. Lyft even sends you a photo of the driver.

The driver will know your first name, as it appears on your ride-service account, your pickup location, and where you want to be driven. That’s plenty of information to make you feel confident the person picking you up is a bona fide car service driver.

Depending on the time of day, the weather and other conditions, you might not be able to verify all of these details. But the most important thing to remember is asking those two quick questions: Tell me my name. Tell me your name. Eight words that can save your life.

Car services that began in the nation’s big cities have now spread to The Villages, where residents are among the most trusting in the world. Remember, when ordering a ride, you must suspend your trust until you say the eight words that tell you it’s safe to trust. Don’t rush and put your life in jeopardy.