Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
12:25 am EDT
Friday, August 14, 2020

EDITOR’S LETTER: What’s in a name?

Cover-LisaElliott-0514STYLEYou may be tempted to refer to us as Style since the ultra-modern, swooshy part of our name jumps off the cover, but we wish you’d use our whole name. We’re equally proud of the first part of our handle.

Style is what we do. Lake and Sumter, and The Villages, is who we are.

Allow me to explain.

We know how to present life-enhancing information on fashion, finance, relationships, employment, food, physical and emotional well-being. You’ll learn something every issue.

But we want to do more than inform. We want our magazine to be deeply personal, one that deals head-on with issues, concerns, and challenges germane to your community, or better yet, your household. Our goal is to hear you say things like, “I was just thinking about that,” or “That’s information I can use” as you turn the pages.

To reach our goal, we need you to be a stakeholder … to have a voice in our editorial thought process … to be a participant, as well as a reader.

We want to know where the best waitress works, where you to go for a romantic evening, who to turn to when you need advice or an honest mechanic. We want you to look around your neighborhood and workplace and tell us who picks up trash alongside the road, who takes the elderly shopping, who survived a life-altering event.

Will you help us? Will you be our eyes and ears?

In return, we’ll give you a magazine that accurately reflects the world you live in.

Style will continue to be a must-read, but we’ll extend our shelf live through the magic of the Internet.

We’re beefing up our website with updates, breaking news, sidebars to print stories, and more.

And we’re making the web edition of Style more interactive. We’re adding online forms so you can give us restaurant and bar reviews, nominate friends, family, and neighbors for our Person of Interest and Outstanding Student, tell us what you’re reading, let us know if you’ve been promoted or are retiring, and clue us in on the hottest local bands.

In short, if something’s important to you, we want to hear about it so we can tell everyone.

Here’s how it could work: We publish a restaurant review. You add your opinion online. Others put in their two cents. Before long we have a comprehensive local restaurant guide that rivals any website diners visit when they seek good eats.

Our web magazines will also allow us to update stories about people we write about in our print edition. Wouldn’t it be cool to go online and read the latest news about someone battling cancer, raising money for charity, trying to lose weight, or visiting their grandparent’s birth place?

The possibilities are endless. So tell us how we can best serve you.

Giving you a monthly/daily magazine is an ambitious goal, to be sure. But we can do it — with your help. In the process we’ll build an online community and establish a forum where you can inform, as well as be informed.

Until next time,


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