Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
2:46 pm EST
Monday, January 24, 2022

EDITOR’S LETTER: Big plans for the new year

Here in Magazineland, we don’t make New Year’s resolutions; we make editorial budgets.

Not dollars-and-cents budgets (although we do that, too), but a list, or planner of stories we want to pursue in 2015.

I’m not sure who coined the term “editorial budget,” probably some crusty old coot with ink running through his veins, but “budget” fits. Newspapers and magazines have limited space (depending on how much advertising is sold), so publishers and editors choose carefully the content they’ll fill the space with.

Our management team recently met to determine our 2015 editorial budget, and I’m happy to say we won’t be cutting corners next year. Each issue will be thought-provoking and entertaining. And Style will promote reflection about profound issues that affect us, including topics that may initially make us uncomfortable.

Our goal is to accurately reflect what’s happening, and about to happen, in Lake and Sumter counties. But we’ll go deeper than that. Much deeper. We want to examine who we are, what we believe, what issues we need to resolve to make this an even better place to live.

We can’t do that without you. We need to know what you’re experiencing, what you think, what you want.

For example, we want to know:

Do you believe in God? Why? Why not?

About new businesses, new fads, new medical treatments, new bands, new products, new religions, new politicians, someone special who recently moved to Lake and/or Sumter County, etc.

The names of people who are 100 years old

Why you believe your town or city is the best place to live

Special nurses

What do you believe in? Where do you place your faith?

If you’re about to get married

If you’ve been married for five years … or 50 years

Who sells the best barbecue?

Who makes the best barbecue but doesn’t have a restaurant?

What local food or recipes became national brands

The best place to have a picnic

Who are the most powerful and/or respected women in Lake and Sumter counties?

The names of any women who are succeeding in a non-traditional role

Who are truly men of character in our community?

Who is the most interesting man in Lake County? The most interesting woman?

Why is your place of employment a great place to work?

Has the level of your lake/pond/river dropped significantly?

Have you had any interesting encounters in the Ocala National Forest?

If you’ve been homeless, or a victim of human trafficking or domestic violence

The most dangerous roads and intersections

The names of people who help the homeless

If you spent time at the Home for Boys in Marianna

The best local band

What topics we should talk about as a society, but don’t

As you can see, we plan to cover a lot of ground. I hope you’ll help us. Please email me today if you have thoughts about any of the subjects mentioned in this column. I not only want to know, I need to know. Because truth is always in Style.

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