Early Achievement: National Elementary Honor Society Honorees


Twelve young Lake County scholars were recently inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society, an organization that recognizes, rewards, and encourages students to achieve and serve. They are all now members of a brand new chapter at Beverly Shores Elementary. As a chapter, their goals include more than 300 community service hours and to raise around $1,000 for charity.

“The students we honored were selected based upon their grade percent average, a minimum 90 percent, with no grades below that of an 80 percent,” Principal Monica Gordon said at the induction program, which included a candle lighting ceremony. “They exemplify the qualities of scholarship, responsibility, leadership and service.”

Honorees are: Gwyneth Barratt-Patton, Ryan Buchanan, John Howard Jr., Josiah Marshall, Jaxson Saylor, Dylan Hammond, Lily Henderson, Sylvester Latimore Jr., Jasmine Tart, Jonathan Vicente, Zyrah Walker, and Michael Williamson.


These students are sure to have a bright future, and we believe this won’t be their last honors induction. Congratulations to these young scholars!

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