Dr. Jason Smith

Dr. Jason Smith

Board Certified General Surgeon

Dr. Jason Smith, board-certified general surgeon and recently welcomed to the team at Lake Surgical Associates, knew he had made the right choice to become a surgeon when, during his surgical residency, he was part of a team to save a police officer’s life. “He came into the trauma bay after being shot in the chest. He was calling out for us to save his life,” Dr. Smith recalls. “Being part of the finely tuned trauma team that helped treat this man, and then seeing him walk in the hallway a week later was the defining moment when I knew that surgery was where I was meant to be.”

An avid math and science student, Dr. Smith spent his childhood in Flint, Michigan accompanying his father to work at Hurley Medical Center and supporting his mother through two battles with breast cancer. As a teenager, he underwent several surgeries for sports injuries. “All of these things made me interested in the intricacies of health and medicine, and made me want to be part of the continuing advancements of surgical care,” says Dr. Smith, who received his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale. “And, I have always been intrigued by the osteopathic philosophy of treating the whole patient, not just the disease.”

It is this philosophy of whole-person health that inspires his work every day. “My goal is to treat patients as I would treat my friends and family,” Dr. Smith says. “I do not think the parent/child relationship between doctors and patients is good for anyone.” Instead, he says, patients are looking for solutions to their problems and need their physician to not only explain the solutions to them, but involve their families and caregivers in a larger plan to achieve positive outcomes. “I always strive to ask patients to be part of the treatment plan, ensuring to speak in layman’s terms so that they and their loved ones have a clear picture of what is going to happen,” Dr. Smith says. “It’s essential that every patient feels understood and supported through what can be a frightening time in their lives. Using this approach can make all the difference in someone’s recovery and overall wellness.” 


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