Dr. Devlin O’Connor

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Devlin O’Connor has been interested in health and nutrition since she was a young child. The family medicine physician, now accepting new patients at Vista del Sol Adult & Geriatric Medical Associates in Tavares, was inspired to make it her life’s work by her own family physician. “I really looked up to him,” Dr. O’Connor says. “He had cared for me, my sister, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. When I was in high school he offered me a job in his office so I could decide if that is what I really wanted to do with my future. I fell in love with it.”

That sort of deep, long-lasting relationship between patient and physician is something Dr. O’Connor values now as part of her own practice. She strongly believes that her job is to not only get to know a patient’s history, but their family and social dynamics in order to have a full understanding of their life and overall health. “All of these things are interconnected and having open communication with a patient to where the patient, their family and I discuss all options for their health benefits everyone.”

This philosophy was proven when, early in Dr. O’Connor’s career, a patient who had not seen a doctor in three years came to her office to establish care. “She was a heavy smoker and did not care for doctors and had never opened up to any doctor in the past,” she says. Dr. O’Connor let the patient talk for a while, listened and answered her many questions. Finally, the patient admitted that she had a rash on her buttocks that had been present for more than five years that she had never told anyone about. “It ended up being severe cancer of the rectum,” says Dr. O’Connor. “I met with her family to explain the diagnosis thoroughly. Then I was able to help her navigate her insurance, and meet with surgery, oncology and pulmonology to safely get her treatment that considered all of her health issues.” The patient, who lives in Michigan, is now in remission and doing well. “More than 5 years later, I still receive Christmas cards from her. The relationship with the whole family, making patients feel comfortable coming to me with their problems and developing a lasting relationship is why I went into medicine.”


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