No dough … nuts … for me


Oh Donut King, oh Donut King, how could you forsake us?!!

Rumors of Donut King opening a second location have become a reality.

Imagine having a Donut King in central Lake County. Boy howdy! Sizzling patties and crispy crinkle fries for lunch and early-morning reunions with puffy pastries oozing Bavarian cream.

No more late-night dashes to satisfy cravings for powdery delights and gooey goodies. No more making excuses to shop at BJ’s when Aldi’s would do. No more standing in the parking lot at the end of a line of delirious donut disciples!

Imagine all you want … because Donut King didnt move up the street, it defected to — oh, the humanity — Winter Park!

Boo! Hiss!

The announcement squished my dreams like a fist punching the strawberry goo from a sugar-dusted oval of fried goodness.

Lake County made Donut King! We deserved DK2! Orange County doesn’t deserve Donut King!

We are the ones who wrote about this gastric jewel when others overlooked it. We are the sad creatures who drove 30 miles one way to satisfy our craving for warm dough topped with crumbled Heath bars and M&Ms. We deserve another Donut King!

I, for one, will not take this lying down. Fire up the fryer, Oscar. Start dipping’ Dip-A-Dee. Commence dunkin’, Dunkin. I’ll be in soon.

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