Donation powers Lake Technical College program

Lake Technical College’s new Center for Advanced Manufacturing aims to be one of the premier workforce training facilities in Central Florida.

That mission received a boost when PowerTech Generators, based in Leesburg, donated five diesel engines worth more than $100,000 to the CAM and its diesel mechanic program.

Lake County Economic Development brought the business and the college together for a deal that will help PowerTech gain skilled employees, while enabling students to train on these specialized machines at little to no cost to the school.

Robert Chandler, director of Lake County’s Economic Growth Department, and Dr. Diane Culpepper, executive director of Lake Technical College, recently toured the PowerTech facility and thanked company executives for the donation.

The CAM, expected to open this fall in Eustis, will provide future workforce training in the fields of computerized machining, welding, and fabrication.

PowerTech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobile diesel generators, including marine generators, worldwide military projects, and gas/diesel electric vehicles.