Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
11:27 pm EST
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Do you know Miss Kitty?

If you spend any time in downtown Leesburg, you’re bound to run into some familiar faces that you may greet with a smile, a friendly handshake, or a scratch behind the ears. Therefore, you can’t make a trip downtown and not meet Miss Kitty, a very confident and graceful white, orange, and brown calico.

Miss Kitty spends most days wandering from shop to shop, lounging in display windows and perching on checkout counters. She’s become somewhat of a fixture on Main Street. Miss Kitty is well fed, groomed, and beloved by all the businesses.

So, who actually owns Miss Kitty? We at Akers like to think we all do, whether she has an owner or not. One thing for sure: she’s a real cosmopolitan cat!


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