Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
01:28 pm
18 September 2018

Divine intervention

Many times, people ask me, “Where do you come up with the ideas for the magazine?” Most of the time the answer is by doing research about what is going on within the community or seeing what some of the national publications are focusing on and bringing it to the local level. This month was different. The idea to focus on members of our service industry just came to me one day. My thought was that you typically read about the business leaders, high-profile officials, and the movers and shakers of Lake and Sumter counties. But there are so many other people who are not in the limelight who deserve recognition.

I believe the idea for this issue was divine intervention because my team and I started working on this issue back in July. We had no idea what our community was to face in September, as Hurricane Irma came to visit and wreaked havoc on our homes and businesses. God knew exactly what he was doing when he presented me this idea. It was a gift.

He knew our lives were going to be turned upside down and that the October issue was the perfect time to highlight the very people who came to our rescue when we needed them the most. It was the food servers who were called in to work even before the curfew was lifted; it was the policemen and women who had to leave their homes and families to ensure the safety of others; it was the firefighters who stayed on call and were there at a moment’s notice when someone was in need; it was the volunteers who managed the emergency service lines; it was the amazing linemen who worked tirelessly to restore our power. The list goes on. Each one of them are absolute heroes in my book.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to a few of the many “Faces of Lake and Sumter”—people who make our lives better every day. We at Style magazine salute you.

And, for our readers, if there ever is a moment when an idea pops into your mind, pay attention—it very well may be a Godwink moment.


Kendra Akers