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2:28 pm EST
Saturday, November 28, 2020

Did you know?

Photos courtesty Lady Lake Historical Society

Before Lady Lake was incorporated in 1925, the Lady Lake Historical Society says the area was known as Conant, a thriving community named after Sherman Conant, one of the financiers of the Florida Southern Railroad. Structures in the town included a three-story hotel; the Osbern House, a ladies’ finishing school built in 1884; the McLean Farm; a post office; Conant’s General Store; and many homes.

According to Lake County historian William T. Kennedy, the demise of Conant occurred because the promoters were snobbish and did not accept people who did their own work rather than hiring laborers or who sent their children to a public school, so many families moved to more congenial towns. The historical society says residents named Lady Lake after a lake east of town, and Conant became part of the town.