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4:10 am EST
Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dark Sacred Night

By Michael Connelly. Harry Bosch returns and gets an unlikely partner in his search to solve a cold case.

“Dark Sacred Night” is about the pragmatic former Los Angeles police detective who does more to solve the case than he does to follow procedure: Harry Bosch. The series has more than 20 books and features some characters that author Michael Connelly has used to create other series.

This book is another compelling story that keeps you turning pages. It opens with the introduction of Detective Renee Ballard, who is working the “late show,” or night shift, in Hollywood division. She arrived there as the result of filing a sexual harassment suit against a superior officer. No one will admit that publicly, but everyone knows.

She and Harry cross paths when she discovers him in her department going through old patrol car reports to find notes on a cold murder case he feels compelled to solve. She gets caught up in his fervor to solve the crime (the night shift in Hollywood division is pretty slow), and decides she wants to help him.

Harry also is working as a reserve detective for the San Fernando Police Department and checking the cold case in his free time. He’s estranged from his beloved daughter because he took the murder-victim’s mother into his home after drug rehab. It’s a complicated but fascinating character study which Connelly does so well.

A prize-winning journalist, this author used his experience from covering various police beats across the country to create a world that’s believable and just outside the realm of possibility with Harry Bosch. I admit with every book, I worry. Harry is a Vietnam veteran, and the books stay true to his age. I don’t want these stories to end. “Bosch” also is a successful TV show on Amazon Prime in case you’d like to check it out.