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2:55 pm EST
Saturday, November 28, 2020

Danny & Billie Faye Smith | Smith & Smith Realty


Even after more than 20 years each in the real estate industry, Danny and Billie Faye Smith still find motivation in their jobs. For Danny, it’s the art of the deal. For Billie Faye, it’s the art of dealing with people.

“It’s the art of trying to figure out a way to make it work,” says Danny, broker associate/vice president at Smith & Smith Realty in Wildwood. “I’m not a miracle worker, but just putting all those moving parts together, that’s what really drives me.”

“I enjoy working with people, hearing their stories,” adds Billie Faye, broker/president. “I think my heart goes to people that really need the help.”

Billie Faye, who competes in equestrian events, handles residential and horse farm sales, while Danny, who has a farming background, focuses on land and commercial sales.

The couple enjoyed a fourth consecutive strong year in 2019 and they credit God first for opening the door to opportunity. They also believe that smaller is better: at Smith & Smith, clients talk to the people whose names are on the door.

They look forward to more success in helping clients in 2020.

“I still like to see the community growing with home selling and new people coming in, because as long as that’s happening, you know we’re all going to prosper,” Billie Faye says.

1102 N. Main St., Suite F, Wildwood