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03:12 pm
18 August 2019

Danielle Ronzo’s THE HIT LIST, August 2014

1 //    LONGER DAYS FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS The extended days are so low-performing schools can meet required reading standards. Guess anyone surprised should have read the fine print?

2 //    GROVELAND ARTIST GETS A DUCK STAMP John Nelson Harris was so excited to hear his artwork was chosen for the new stamp. Some say he went a bit quackers.

3 //    THE LEESBURG PARTNERSHIP ANSWERS ITS CRITICS Its presentation to a packed town hall meeting converted many critics into fans. Of course, a few holdouts just agreed to part ways.

4 //    PUTIN UNDER FIRE The Russian president is caught in the cross-hairs about his role in the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner carrying nearly 300 passengers. How’s it feel, Vlad? Not so good, right!?!

5 //    THE VILLAGES SPOKESMAN So strange that Gary Lester is called The Villages spokesman; he never speaks when the media call him.

6 //    A FRUITLAND PARK OFFICER IN THE KKK? The allegation is being investigated. Maybe he was just signing up for AAA?

7 //    LAKE COMMISSIONERS VOTE FOR A TAX INCREASE  The increase is needed for essential public services, including libraries, parks and courts. Anyone else in favor of another increase for waterslides and pony rides? Anyone?

8 //    FREE MOUNT DORA SMOKE DETECTORS  The Mount Dora Fire Department is offering the alarms at no charge to residents 55 and older until Sept. 15. Why just 55 and older? We’re guessing that residents under the age of 55 just prefer a smoking app?

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