Come on, get happy

Simple activities can infuse your life with joy.

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on a tightrope, feel uneasiness about friends or family members’ challenges or have feelings of anxiety about changes in your personal or work life?

Oh, believe me, I’ve felt it, too.

Getting through tough challenges isn’t always easy.

So, when a copy of “5-Minute Bliss—A More Joyful, Connected and Fulfilled You in Just 5 Minutes a Day” came to our office, I was immediately intrigued by the notation on the book cover stating that the inside pages were filled with 200-plus easy, happiness-boosting activities.

I needed some happy. And who doesn’t want a little more bliss?

Reading the book was uplifting. I felt enlightened by some of author Courtney E. Akerman’s tips, including:

Listen to your favorite song – Makes sense, right? Songs we love are great mood-boosters.

Design your perfect day – This day could involve sleeping in late, planning to see a movie with a good friend, eating at a favorite restaurant, hosting game night with friends or planning a special dinner.

“You’ll find that just planning your perfect day can give you a bit of the joy that living it would,” Courtney writes, and I find that’s so true. Just visualizing and picturing the feeling of really looking forward to a special moment can help you feel more joyful. I’ve noticed when I anticipate looking forward to my ballroom dance classes or the dance parties, it makes the actual event more thrilling.

Have you ever given yourself a compliment? That was another suggestion in the book. I told myself to keep smiling. That’s a great mood-boosting feeling, and it seems that no matter one’s age, people always look happier and younger when breaking out in a grin.

I’m also finding joy breaking out in a silly dance. Cloud-watching. Admiring a sunset. Putting my toes in the sand.

Courtney suggests that coloring a scene in an adult comic book can be soothing, enjoyable and bliss-inducing. I haven’t done this yet, but it sounds like it could be ideal on a rainy day.

Experiencing something new, the author says, is “an excellent way to ensure that you keep your life open to bliss.” That sounds good to me.