Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
1:09 am EDT
Sunday, June 13, 2021

Combs’ Corner: Friday Night Lights

It has been a long, hot summer. You’ve had your fill of television reruns and political advertisements. You “x” out another day on your calendar to remind yourself that we’re inching closer to the much-anticipated season opener.

You’re craving—literally starving—for football to arrive. The diagnosis is easy. You have a classic case of football fever.

Just relax. Some local high school teams officially begin their season in nine days.

Here’s the exciting news. Lake and Sumter counties are quickly establishing themselves as a hotbed for star recruits. In recent years, powerhouses such as the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Texas, Georgia Tech, and the University of Georgia have recruited area players.

Great players have the ability to make their teammates elevate their games, and as a result, the quality of play has never been better in this county.

So buckle up as 2018 promises to be a fun-filled, wild ride. The adrenaline of teams running onto the field, the excitement of bands playing fight songs, high-flying cheerleaders pumping up the crowd all make for an electric atmosphere.

Indeed, Friday Night Lights are shining down on stadiums throughout Lake and Sumter counties.

We’re providing you with schedules so you can circle the marquee matchups and rivalry games you may want to attend.

Tavares High School

8/24 vs. The Villages Charter School (Home)

8/31 vs. Central High School (Home)

9/7 vs. Umatilla High School (Away)

9/14 vs. Eustis High School (Home)

9/21 vs. Trinity Prep (Away)

10/5 vs. Leesburg High School (Home)

10/12 vs. Bishop Moore (Away)

10/19 vs. Poinciana (Home)

10/26 vs. Jones High School (Away)

11/2 vs. Lecanto (Home)

Eustis High School 

8/17 vs. Umatilla (Away)

8/24 vs. Lake Minneola (Away)

8/31 vs. Leesburg (Away)

9/7 vs. Lake Weir (Home

9/14 vs. Tavares High School (Away)

9/21 vs. Mount Dora High School (Home)

9/28 vs. Poinciana (Away)

10/5 vs. South Lake High School (Away)

10/19 vs. Jones (Away)

11/2 vs. Umatilla (Home)

Mount Dora High School

 8/24 vs. East Ridge (Away)

8/30 vs. Umatilla (Away)

9/7 vs. Forest High School (Away)

9/14 vs. Trinity Catholic High School

9/21 vs. Eustis High School (Away)

10/5 vs. Pine Ridge (Away)

10/12 vs. South Sumter (Home)

10/19 vs. Atlantic (Home)

10/26 vs. Tenoroc High School (Away)

Umatilla High School

 8/17 vs. Eustis (Home)

8/24 vs. Calvary Christian (Home)

8/30 vs. Mount Dora (Home)

9/7 vs. Tavares High School (Home)

9/14 vs. Keystone Heights (Away)

9/21 vs. Wildwood High School (Home)

9/28 vs. Interlachen (Home)

10/5 vs. The Villages Charter High School (Away)

10/12 vs. Crescent City (Home)

10/19 vs. Taylor (Away)

11/2 vs. Eustis (Away)

South Lake High School

 8/24 vs. Liberty (Away)

8/31 vs. Lake Minneola (Home)

9/7 vs. Crystal River (Away)

9/21 vs. Vanguard (Home)

9/28 vs. Lake Weir (Away)

10/5 vs. Eustis (Home)

10/12 vs. Leesburg (Away)

10/19 vs. Forest (Away)

10/25 vs. Gainesville (Home)

11/2 vs. East Ridge (Home)

East Ridge High School

8/17 vs. Evans High School (Away)

8/24 vs. Mount Dora (Home)

8/31 vs. Niceville (Away)

9/6 vs. Redondo Union (Home)

9/21 vs. Ocoee (Home)

9/28 vs. Lake Minneola (Away)

10/5 vs. Hagerty (Home)

10/12 vs. West Port (Home)

10/19 vs. Edgewater (Away)

10/26 vs. Lake Howell (Away)

11/2 vs. South Lake (Away)

Lake Minneola High School

8/24 vs. Eustis (Home)

8/31 vs. South Lake (Away)

9/7 vs. Lyman (Away)

9/14 vs. Hagerty (Home)

9/21 vs. Lake Howell (Home)

9/28 vs. East Ridge (Home)

10/12 vs. Edgewater (Home)

10/19 vs. West Port (Away)

10/26 vs. Ocoee (Away)

11/2 vs. Leesburg High School (Home)

Leesburg High School

 8/24 vs. South Sumter (Home)

8/31 vs. Eustis (Home)

9/7 vs. University (Home)

9/14 vs. Forest (Away)

9/28 vs. Vanguard (Home)

10/5 vs. Tavares (Away)

10/12 vs. South Lake (Home)

10/18 vs. Gainesville (Away)

10/26 vs. Lake Weir (Home)

11/2 vs. Lake Minneola (Away)

South Sumter High School

8/17 vs. Wildwood (Away)

8/24 vs. Leesburg (Away)

8/31 vs. Nature Coast Tech (Home)

9/7 vs. Trenton (Home)

9/14 vs. North Marion (Home)

9/21 vs. Bishop Moore (Home)

9/28 vs. Trinity Catholic (Away)

10/5 vs. Dunnellon (Away)

10/12 vs. Mount Dora (Away)

10/19 vs. Crystal River (Home)

10/26 vs. St. Petersburg (Away)

Wildwood High School

 8/17 vs. South Sumter (Home)

8/24 vs. P.K. Yonge (Away)

8/31 vs. University Christian School (Home)

9/7 vs. Mount Dora Christian Academy (Away)

9/14 vs. Crescent City High School (Home)

9/21 vs. Umatilla High School (Away)

9/28 vs. Taylor High School (Away)

10/5 vs. Bronson High School (Home)

10/12 vs. Keystone Heights (Away)

10/19 vs. Interlachen High School (Home)

10/26 vs. The Villages High School (Home)