Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
6:24 am EDT
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Coffee, Tea, and It’s Free!

The Revolution Church of Leesburg has created a new place to hang out. It’s called RCB, which is short for Revolution Coffee Bar. You can choose from a variety of coffee and teas, and find a comfortable place to sit on a sectional sofa or at a cafe table and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. That’s right, everything about RCB is free.

“We have about 2,000 square feet in our front lobby, and we decided to do something special with it,” says church member Moses Robbins. “We’ve made it beautiful, and in a world filled with selfish gain, we wanted to help out.”

Coffee and tea are available from 8am-8pm on Mondays and Wednesday through Saturday. On Sunday, you can go by RCB from 9am-5pm. The coffee bar is closed on Tuesdays.

“It’s not about religion; we just want people to enjoy coffee or tea and a smile,” Moses says. “There will be no talk about religion, but we have trained our volunteers to be active listeners.”

Moses says they also encourage people to have business meetings on the premises or just enjoy meeting with friends for coffee or tea.

“Even when we’re having services, the coffee bar is open, and we’re happy to have people coming in,” Moses says.

Visit the church at 10837 U.S. Highway 441. It’s located in the building that used to house the laser tag company in the Home Depot Plaza. For information, call the church at 352.321.0256.