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2:03 pm EST
Friday, January 28, 2022

Cliff Gardiner

Age: 38

Family: My wife of 11 years, Anne Gardiner, and three beautiful children, Ava, 9, Zoe, 8, and Owen, 3.

Career: Owner of J&C Gardiner Concrete.  We do additions, driveways, patio slabs, retaining walls, and all phases of concrete. 

How did you became involved in what you are doing: It’s a family-owned business.  I would work with my dad every summer during school. 

Greatest career accomplishment: Growing our business to what it is now. 

Top two things you are most passionate about: My business and my family. It’s a grind every day to balance the day-to-day task in my business life and making sure I’m still there for my family. I want to make sure my business is going in the right direction and my family is happy.  

Describe yourself in three words: Funny, caring, loyal

Best advice: My dad always used to tell me, “If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you will always be able to provide for your family.”

Guilty pleasure: A good steak, good whiskey, and gambling. 

Desired superpower: Ability to fly so I can go on a vacation anytime I would like too.

A person or leader you admire: Bobby Bowden. He built a top-tier football program from the ground up when nobody thought he could win at Florida State. 


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