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9:06 pm EDT
Tue, July 14, 2020

Clicking with photography

Photo: Sierra Ford Jones

Sierra Ford Jones stays focused at
her Mount Dora business.

Love of photography: It gives me the opportunity to turn “ordinary” life and connection into art. 

Favorite type of photography: It’s hard to choose one type. One of the best aspects of my art form is the variety of subjects. I adore photographing couples and children because of the connection. Children are especially expressive and honest in front of a camera. On the other side of the spectrum, I love doing branding photography for other small-business owners. 

Photo: Sierra Ford Jones

Favorite camera: I usually use two Canon Mark III DSLRs. 

The editing process: I have an awesome teammate who helps me with editing, thus reducing our turnaround time for wedding couples. An average wedding has more than 500 photos in the gallery. We have a system. I narrow them down and edit a handful and then she edits the rest and sends them to me during and after the editing process for a once-over. We are actually going to be teaching about this process in an upcoming online course we are creating. 

Photography advice: Be forever curious—curious about people, light, and your style. Also, be curious about the art and business side of things if you want to take photography beyond a hobby. Constant learning is key.