Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
4:03 am EDT
Friday, September 18, 2020

Clear Your Record and Help Lake County

Here’s your chance to get a clean record on your library card and help someone else at the same time. From May 1-13, the Lake County Library Systems is forgiving library fines for overdue materials if you’ll bring in a donation for the Food for Fines initiative.

This happens once a year, and it’s designed to provide food for local food banks while giving library patrons a break on fines. Donations are being accepted at all 15 Lake County libraries. The food items should be unopened, unexpired but have a printed expiration date, and each item equals $1 forgiven for overdue books or materials. You can also donate food items that will be used to forgive the fines of children in need.

Children especially need their library fines cleared due to the summer reading program. If the library can keep books in those children’s hands, they’ll avoid the seasonal slump in their reading.

Last year, more than 2,300 food items were received for local food pantries from the Lake County Library System’s program. Among the 14 beneficiaries were the Leesburg Food Bank, Lake Cares, and Faith Neighborhood Center.

One word of caution: no forgiveness for lost, damaged or items sent to a collection agency. The Lake County Library system is dedicated to lifelong learning and offers a variety of services and materials to help residents keep gathering knowledge.

For more information about the Lake County Library System, visit your local library or go to and check out their Facebook page.