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4:17 am EDT
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Check Out Cake Pans, Ukuleles And More with A Free Lake County Library Card

Did you know you can borrow cake pans in the shape of characters from your library You, know, the cake pan you didn’t want to buy, but really need for that special birthday cake you want to bake soon.

Not only that, you can check out a ukulele, too, in case you want to learn to play.

Speaking of playing, you can check out video games, board games, DVDs, CDs, and more.

And you thought the library was only a place for books.

Well, hold on to your hat, because the Lake County Library System, with 15 locations, also offers 3D printers.

What’s that? (I had to ask, too.)

You put a piece of plastic into the printer, select coordinates for what you want to “print” and the machine actually creates the shape of that piece of plastic! You can print a tea cup or your own design, such as a science project.

Who knew?

“Our 3-D Printer is named ‘Arnold,’ and he can print someone’s design in three dimensions in plastic,” says Elise VanCise, library assistant at Astor County Library. “We can print an item from very small up to a 12- by 14-inch size.” Elise says it’s very easy to print your project in 3-D.

“First, we have the person go to and register for a free account. Then, we help them design their concept item. That’s how we get the coordinates needed for the printer. After that, we take a piece of plastic and the numbers over to Arnold so the machine will print the item.”

Everything seems smarter, faster and farther-reaching than ever. The Lake County Library System is certainly a cutting-edge group.

They also host more than 300 programs and events monthly—all available to the public.

“These are your tax dollars at work,” said Keri Lyttle, program specialist for the Lake County Library System. ”We offer classes on how to use power tools, sewing machines, video equipment, even Cricut machines.”

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month.  The library card is FREE for residents of Lake, Marion, and Volusia counties, and any student of Beacon College or Lake-Sumter State College.

Anyone wanting a card from outside those counties or colleges must pay $40 for a card, with additional family members $5 each. Or they can apply for a six-month card for half the cost.

Up to 10 books may be checked out at a time. The library system also keeps tabs on the cost of books, DVDs, CDs etc. and let’s a patron know how much they are saving.

If, for instance, a new book costs $15, by checking out 10 free library books, your receipt will list a ‘savings’ of $150, and so on.

You can order books by mail, use their passport services to apply for one, or attend any of over 300 classes and events monthly.

Check it all out at Programs and events are listed under the tab with that name.

Locations are listed along with days and hours of operation which vary at each library branch.

Information below is from the resource:

Besides checking out books, there are many reasons to get a card for the Lake County Library System.

  • Search and reserve materials from any of the Lake County Library System libraries via our online Catalog
  • Access to premium online Databases
  • Free computer use at any LCLS library
  • Access to Downloadable Media through our online partners, Overdrive for e-books and RB Digital for magazines.
  • Borrow books and materials from any other library with whom we have a Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

If your card is expired, please send an email to

You may apply for a new library card at any Lake County library. Please bring proof of current residence or ownership of property by presenting one or more items showing a Lake County street address. If you are under 16, your library card application must be signed by a parent or guardian.

To apply for a Lake County Library System Library Card in person, you need to bring in proof of current residence or ownership of property.

Anyone applying for a free Lake County Library card during September will have their name entered into a drawing for a gift card at the end of the month. The amount of gift card will be determined at a later date, according to Kerrie Lyttle, program specialist.