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9:25 am EST
Friday, January 28, 2022

Chandler Strong

Age: 26 

Family: Wife Alexis and have a 2-year-old daughter Layla. 

My career: I’m an electrical contractor and I own an electrical company named CSS Electric, LLC. 

Outside of work: I enjoy playing golf and spending time with my wife and daughter and I am an active member of First Baptist Church of Umatilla. 

I am most passionate about: God and my family. God gives me strength and my family motivates me to do better every day. I’m also passionate about my handshake.

Three words to describe me: Dedicated, passionate, kind.

Best advice I’ve been give: Find what you want in life and make it happen. 

Best advice to my younger self: Tell myself to think if an idiot would do that thing, and if they would, do not do that thing. 

Hidden talent: I’m pretty good at whistling. 

Guilty pleasure: Cookies and milk 

Philosophy of life in one sentence: Work hard and accomplish something every day. 

Desired superpower: To fly because I could go anywhere, and I think it’d be fun. 

What do you love most about Florida? Florida Gator football

Your go-to outfit and favorite place to wear it to? CSS shirt and gym shorts, on the couch watching football 

On my bucket list: Ice fishing 

Most embarrassing moment: Whenever I miss the golf ball. 

I admire: My stepdad, Jamey. He has good morals, he is well respected, and he’s just an overall good guy. 

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