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Friday, April 16, 2021

Chamomile Studios in Mt. Dora gets “glowing” reviews from clients.

Amy Dornsife first got into makeup around the age of 22, when she was living in Lancaster, PA. She got her esthetics license and knew from back then that she would like to be in upper management, not just the person behind the facial bed. She also got into skincare at the time because she had bad acne and her doctor wanted to give her tetracycline, which she didn’t want to take. “So it was like a lightbulb moment, and so I got into esthetics,” Amy says. 

She applied for jobs and found one in Altamonte, later moving to New Smyrna to be closer to the beach. It was only five years ago Amy discovered Mount Dora, and because it reminded her of her home in Pennsylvania she decided to relocate once again. “I thought ‘oh my god, I would love to own my own business down here,’ so I moved here and I love every second of it.”

She also got her master’s license in skincare about 15 years ago, when she was working for a skincare company that had a master’s program or esthetics in Utah. She has now been in Florida for 24 years, but says she knew she wanted to live here since a family vacation she took in the 3rd grade. “We came down on vacation and I remember saying to myself ‘Why don’t we live here?’ I’ll never forget it was Mothers’ Day week and it was still cold at home and it was so warm. I knew in 3rd grade that I would live here and that’s what brought me down,” she says. 

Throughout her career over the last 30 years she has worked as an international educator for world-class resorts, traveling weekly to train staff on facial and massage protocols, and to train spa directors on retail, which she says was a great experience. She was also a director for resorts and a director of education for skincare. 

Amy Dornsife

Everything at Chamomile is gluten-free, because Amy is highly sensitive to gluten, not being able to eat it or even put it on her skin. Most of her products are vegan and organic as well. Most importantly, all of Chamomile’s cosmetics are custom-made during one-on-one sessions with Amy. she hand-pours foundations to match the client’s skin tone, and clients have raved over their “glowing” face thanks to her foundation. 

Because the first ingredient is aloe, “it just gives you a pretty, smooth finish,” Amy says. She also keeps each client’s formula on-hand for re-orders, which she ships throughout the U.S. She receives calls from people who have bought her foundation “and they’ll say ‘Amy I was just at my high school reunion,’ or ‘I was just at a wedding and people commented on my skin.” 

Another favorite is the custom-blended lipgloss and lipstick. Amy will look at your skin tone and mix a few different colors, and then you get to choose a scent, shimmer factor, and you get to name it. Before COVID, Amy would host bridal parties and other parties for custom-made lipstick and gloss, which she said was very fun. 

Following the rising popularity of her foundation and lip products, Amy eventually started making custom concealer, high-definition powder, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara. The mascara is another best-seller, she says, because unlike the majority of other mascaras, it is gluten-free. “A lot of times they will use gluten and fillers and other junk in mascara cause they use the wheat protein to expand the hair, like in other hair products, so it’s unusual because it’s voluminous but it’s also gluten-free,” she says. 

Amy also does facials, which are very popular and unlike many other spas, as she uses more pricey Uma facial serums, which she custom-mixes to fit your skin type. Everything she does during a facial has a purpose, and she changes things as necessary to fit client’s skin concerns. 

You can find more information about Chamomile skincare and makeup at,, Or, you can visit Amy at her shop at 346 Dora Drawdy Way in Mount Dora. 

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