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Friday, August 14, 2020

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What’s New?

Once again it is a new year, we have a new president, and with that comes new exciting times. We…
it’s time for us to see

it’s time for us to see

Every morning I come into work, I see the same homeless man standing outside Walgreens with a sign that says,…
Hobbies Are Healthy

Hobbies Are Healthy

We at Style appreciate our doctors and the many hours they dedicate to their profession. We know how fortunate we…
Politics are in <em>“Style”</em>

Politics are in “Style”

Never discuss politics or religion. Throughout the years, Style magazine has certainly abided by that age-old adage. We’ve covered controversial…

This one’s for you.

  Do you ever wonder what a businessman thinks about? Contrary to what many believe, all men do not constantly…
My Westie Obsession

My Westie Obsession

It’s a common belief among my family that my dog Myles is the most beloved member of our household. In…