Camps help children with chronic or life-threatening conditions

Life is extremely difficult for children who endure chronic illness. They spend days and sometimes weeks inside a hospital. Doctor visits are almost a daily occurrence. While other children are outside playing, they remain bedridden in pain.

But imagine just for one week if they could feel almost normal. Imagine having the opportunity to play and interact with other children with the same grave medical condition. For one week, they wouldn’t feel shame for being bad from chemotherapy, confined to a wheelchair, or living with a pacemaker.

Such a glorious week is possible thanks to Camp Boggy Creek, which since 1996 has provided week-long camp experiences for children ages 7-16 who suffer with chronic or life-threatening diseases.

By attending these camps, kids do not allow their diseases to impede them from engaging in fun-filled activities: fishing or paddle boating in a lake, creating beautiful artwork, swimming with friends, climbing a rock wall, descending down a zip line, or riding horses through the woods.

And kids camp with other children enduring the same medical condition, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggle.

Camp Boggy Creek is located at 30500 Brantley Branch Road in Eustis.

The 2019 summer camp sessions are as follows:

Heart Week: June 10-15

Arthritis/Hemophilia Week: June 19-24

Epilepsy Week: June 28-July 3

Arthritis/Gastro/Immune Deficiency Week: July 8-13

Cancer Week: July 17-22

Sickle Cell Week: July 26-31

Asthma/Craniofacial/Kidney/Spina Bifida/Transplant Week: August 4-9