Sam S. Sadler, III will never go hungry.

“A lot of people can build a house, but to build a house and end up with a friendship is truly rewarding. If I have a new friend when I finish building their house, then I’ve done a good job. I believe that I could drop by any of the homes I’ve built and I’d be asked in for a meal,” said Sadler, a small, but proud builder who has been constructing custom homes in Central Florida for 36 years.

Sadler builds two to four homes a year. And he builds with materials many builders overlook. “I treat people better than they expect to be treated. And it works out well,” Sadler said. “I love people and want to do the best possible job for them.”

With Sam Sadler you get more than his name and outstanding reputation. “I don’t use superintendents. I’m very hands-on. I like to be involved and work together with the homeowner.”

Sam S. Sadler, III, Inc.


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