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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

BUSINESS MEN OF STYLE: Mesos Plastic Surgery


At Mesos, it’s the providers’ fascination for art that brought them together.

“Being a surgeon is incredibly fulfilling; you can act in the moment to help someone permanently,” says Dr. Gerzenshtein, a double-board certified plastic surgeon. But it’s their passion for the creative process that fuels their desire to transform their patients concerns into aesthetic harmony.

“We are all artistically inclined, and we enjoy seeing a positive transformation, whether in correcting the lower lids or repositioning the brow for a more youthful look,” says Dr. Soares, the practice’s facial cosmetic surgical specialist and medical director.

In medical school, Dr. Soares created anatomy paintings for the school’s Head & Neck dissection manual, while Dr. Gerzenshtein took up sculpting to sharpen his artistic vision; “It enhances your ability to contour the body for a maximal aesthetic result.”

Larry Blevins PA, the practice’s cosmetic laser and filler veteran says, “I love the art of aesthetics. Whether in reversing the look of weathered skin or adding volume to bring balance to the face, my goal is to provide inspiring results to each patient.”

This attention to detail and harmony pays off as it has brought Mesos to the forefront of aesthetic surgery in the region.

Mesos Plastic Surgery & Laser Center
Locations In The Villages, Clermont And Tampa


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