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11:18 pm EDT
Monday, August 10, 2020

BUSINESS MEN OF STYLE: Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic


Pills and injections are not the most effective—or safest—ways to control pain. Drs. John Theeck and Christopher Kessler of Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic in The Villages understand this quite well. That’s why they utilize various diagnostic tools to determine and treat the root cause of pain, which could stem from a structural problem, a muscle memory change or even organ dysfunction.

“We take a whole-body approach,” Dr. Kessler said. “And we feel that education is the key. When you get patients engaged in their care you achieve the best results.”

That patient-centered approach explains why patients throughout Central Florida entrust their care to Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic.

“What sets our practice apart is the way we treat, love and care for patients,” Dr. Theeck says.

Legacy Clinic of Chiropractic
1950 Laurel Manor Drive, Suite #204
The Villages, FL 32162


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