Brandt Bell – Streed Rod

Q. How does a golf cart become a golf car?

A. It’s certainly not simply dropping the letter “t” off the end of “cart.” According to Lynn Henry of Village Streetrod, they’ve been building golf cars from the chassis up for more than 23 years.

It all starts with the chassis.

“Our Streetrod Golf Cars, unlike most competitors out there, start with a commercial chassis—not a golf-cart chassis. They’re rated for 800 pounds and four people. Whereas a golf cart is rated only for 400 pounds and two people.”

Every chassis is stretched eight inches and the back of the car is widened like a sports car to improve handling. An additional addition is 10-inch tires on Cragar four-spoke rims.

“Our engines are 14-horsepower, fuel-injected, computer-controlled Kohler engines. We recommend non-ethanol recreation gas—same as you’d put in a boat,” Lynn says. “Use the other gas if you must but add a bottle of Sta-Bil to protect it. Ethanol is hard on small engines.”

Village Streetrod offers many automotive features that others don’t. These include headlights, turn signals, Blu-Tooth technology, wipers, rearview mirrors, and backup cameras.

“Our tops and upholstery are marine grade to withstand the elements. We can even build your custom golf car to be street legal, though few have us do that,” Lynn says.

The golf cars at Streetrod are simply stunning to look at and for good reason. Each is an exact 5/8 replica of the original automobile it’s modeled after. And “no one offers that level of detail in a golf car.” The paint jobs all use PPG automotive paint. 

After all that, you might think looks that sell these golf cars but Lynn is adamant it’s the handling or driving experience. He says, “Drive one and you’ll know. Our golf cars handle like cars. You can’t describe the difference. Drive one and you’ll feel it.”

Village Streetrods average $20,000-$25,000. For that you get a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind golf car that will last and hold its value far better than a golf cart. 

“There are sixty to seventy thousand golf carts in The Villages,” says Lynn. “Resale is horrible. Buy a golf cart new and it will decrease in value by half in a year. On the other hand, we have a used golf car for sale in here listed for $8500—and it’s 18 years old! Our cars are custom-built, drive like sports cars, and hold their value.”


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