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Monday, June 27, 2022

BOOK CLUB: The Rosie Project


A Heart-Warming and Funny Love Story!

Brilliant genetics professor Don Tillman is 39 years old, tall, fit, and intelligent with an above-average income. He wants to get married but freely admits his brain is just wired differently. He lives his life by a rigid schedule and is completely inept when it comes to social cues. He only has two friends, his department head, Gene, and Gene’s wife Claudia. As Don explains, their efforts to help him find a wife, utilizing the traditional dating paradigm, have resulted in a series of negative experiences.

Logic is Don’s hallmark so he undertakes the quest of finding a wife by designing a purpose-built, scientifically valid 16-page questionnaire to filter out the time wasters, the disorganized, the fashion obsessives, the religious fanatics, the scientifically illiterate, and a host of other conditions he deems unacceptable in a wife.

Enter Rosie. Gene sent Rosie to Don’s office and he assumes she filled out the questionnaire. Wrong! As Don and Rosie set sail on their relationship, we go along for the hilarious voyage.

Beth Hicks was superb as our captain, and we cruised through the discussion of this delightful book. She asked us how we met our mates. Bar? Blind date? Dating Service? Online? Speed dating? The members’ stories were as funny as the book. When the group was asked where their lives fell on the spectrum between rigid routine and relaxed lifestyle, the confessions of the members had us roaring with laughter.

The discussion took a more serious tone as we discussed the Autism spectrum. Several in the group had family members who are on the spectrum, and they felt the book dealt too lightly with the issue. Others thought the book demonstrated tolerance of those who are different. It was noted that scores of extremely high-functioning adults such as Einstein, Mozart, and Bill Gates are thought to be on the spectrum yet have made brilliant contributions to the world.

The group felt Don was quite the hero as he worked so hard to overcome his “unconventional mannerisms” in order to win Rosie. They compared him to the characters on the TV series “The Big Bang Theory.” They were not so sympathetic to Gene and disapproved of his open marriage with Claudia. Rosie’s character was the biggest surprise of all and everyone was taken with her free-spirited lifestyle.

When discussing the writing, some members remarked they had difficulty following the author’s style. When it was disclosed that the book was originally written as a screenplay, members better understood the construction of the novel with its series of scenes.

The group felt this was the perfect book for late summer. It was a light, quick read with lots of laugh-out-loud passages and most of them are putting the sequel, The Rosie Effect, at the top of their reading list.

About the Author
Graeme Simsion was born in New Zealand and is now an Australian citizen. Simsion was an information systems consultant in the area of data modeling and was the founder of a consulting business. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne in 2006 after selling his business. He is married to Anne Buist, who is a professor of psychiatry and writes erotic fiction. They are the parents of two children and reside in Melbourne, Australia.

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