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As many others have done, Bob Earls and his wife, Sharon, moved from Indiana to the Villages to enjoy retirement. After living in their home for a short time, Bob realized that water always seemed to accumulate in their screened area and after the Florida sun finally dried up the water, dirt residue, or worse yet, mold was left behind. Bob knew there had to be a way to allow this standing water to escape. Hence, Screen Room Drains came to fruition. He invented and patented a drain system for most any application. Regardless if you have tile, pavers or acrylic coating, the drains can be installed. If your screen area is small, large or even extra-large with a pool, these drains will save home owners time, effort and frustration when trying to wash their areas with a garden hose. Just open the cap and watch the water, dirt and debris flow outside. Eliminates the need to sweep all the water to your door opening.

How are the drains installed?

Bob: First, we must determine where all of the low points are located, and then at floor level, we cut a 6 inch opening in the aluminum screen channel to accommodate the cap drain. Once installed, the drain will extend outside approximately 1 inch which allows the water to drain freely.

What about maintenance?

Bob: I’d have to say, very little. You just want to be sure the opening is kept clear from any leftover debris so it doesn’t hinder proper drainage.

How many drains do I need?

Bob: It truly depends on how large of an area you have, or how many low points are found. Ideally, if the home owner installs the recommended amount, the less time it takes for the water to drain.

So what’s next for the inventor of this patented drain?

Bob: Our family business is all about offering a good quality product that will aid homeowner’s with their drainage needs. As long as there is a need, we’ll continue to install drains and provide exceptional customer service from start to finish.


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