Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
8:59 pm EDT
Tue, July 7, 2020

Beware of this scamm, uh, scam

Watch what you type online or you could fall victim to a “typosquatter.” These scammers set up web addresses that look legitimate but contain a typo, such as “.cm” instead of “.com.” Users may be directed to a website containing viruses and malware, or one that is designed to gather personal information, according to a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services newsletter. The department recommends these safety tips:

  • Always double-check the web address before entering a website.
  • Use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, to direct you to correct website addresses.
  • Be wary of links found in social media posts.
  • Look for red flags such as extra text following a “.com,” misspellings of company names, or typos in the domain (.com, .gov, .org, etc.). 
  • If you realize you have entered one of your passwords on a typosquatter’s site, change the password immediately.