Bay Street Wellness 

For optimum health, Dr. Kimberly Besuden advises making small changes.

Working in Lake County since 1998, Dr. Kimberly Besuden is a chiropractic physician and certified functional medicine practitioner at Bay Street Wellness, 2430 S. Bay St., Eustis. 

“I had a vision of having a place where I could have like-minded practitioners under one roof,” she says, adding Bay Street Wellness features seven practitioners of massage, acupuncture, skin care, functional medicine, and chiropractic care.

“Patients have a place where they can begin and complete their wellness journey,” she says, adding her youngest patient is 4 years old and her oldest is 98. 

As a chiropractic physician, Dr. Besuden provides more than chiropractic care for treating complaints of back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches; she’s also trained to provide nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle counseling. She guides patients through digestion, thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar, and weight management issues.

“I’m a big believer that food is our pharmacy,” Dr. Besuden says. “If we can fix the gut, not only will they be able to digest their food properly, they’ll be able to absorb the nutrition needed to funciton and feel better.

She notes many patients are eager to make lifestyle changes that often allow them to reduce or eliminate some medications. 

“I’m not against medicine at all. There is a time and place for everything; medicines should not be long-term,” Dr. Besuden says. “I always tell people if your car tire has a hole in it and you put a patch on the outside, that will last for a certain amount of time, but the patch would come off and you’d be back in the same position. With functional medicine and chiropractic care, we can fix and support the issue from the inside, not just patch it.”

Her interest in nutrition grew after hearing patients complain about feeling lousy and being tired of taking pills to treat symptoms. She has completed more than 1,000 hours of clinical nutrition coursework to be certified as a functional medicine practitioner. She also teaches nutrition to other doctors. Additionally, she teaches quarterly nutrition programs for her patients. These classes include: 10 Day Inflammation, Blood Sugar, and Purification programs.

“My motto is one degree of change—it only takes implementng one small change to make a big difference in your health. For example, eliminate sodas from your diet.” 

“I practice what I preach,” she adds. “I exercise daily, I eat well, I eat organic, and I do everything I ask my patients to do.” 


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