Baker Praised


Enhancements made on the Lake County Property Appraiser’s website since Property Appraiser Carey Baker took office in Dec. 2012 caught the attention of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) and awarded Baker’s office the International Public Information Program Award for 2015. The IAAO recognized the efficient, unique way the office displayed Exemptions and Savings information to the homeowner and other website users.

At the awards presentation, IAAO Executive Director Ron Worth said, “Lake County is reflecting exemptions and corresponding savings to constituents in a transparent way that is easily understood.”

“This is a huge deal; actually it is beyond huge—it’s incredible be recognized on an international level,” Baker said. “Every appraisal office in the United States and hundreds of national assessment agencies around the world strive to meet the standards set by the IAAO. I’m incredibly honored they recognized the work being done here in Lake County.”


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