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Gary Corsair

Akers Media Group's Executive Editor Gary Corsair began writing professionally while attending high school in Greentown, Indiana. He's spent most of the past 46 years in writing, reporting, editing and producing roles for newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. He's served as publisher and editor of three newspapers, TV news director, and executive producer of two documentaries about The Groveland Four. Gary’s earned more than 65 awards for journalism excellence and is the author of Legal Lynching: The Sad Saga of the Groveland Four and 'Cats With 12 Lives, the story of the 1964 State Champion Wildwood Wildcats. He and Gwen, his wife of 41 years, moved to Florida from Indiana 28 years ago. He can be reached at:

New tag office

Kudos to Lake County Tax Collector Bob McKee for taking the hassle out of titling cars, renewing license plates and registering vehicles. I recently visited the brand spankin’ new Tax Collector’s office in the old Golden Corral building in Leesburg…
Long Miles

Long Miles

Performer hopes ‘American Idol’ will send him to Nashville. Singer/songwriter Garrett Miles has reloaded and taken his second shot at fame. “I made it onto ‘American Idol,’ but I can’t divulge any information,” says the soft-spoken country crooner, who came…
EDITOR’S LETTER: Car shopping leaves me a wreck

EDITOR’S LETTER: Car shopping leaves me a wreck

I know I can’t outsmart a car dealer, but every four years or so I give in to temptation and browse dealerships online. When my insanity is full-blown, I visit car lots. I know I’ll be jacked around, and yet…
FINAL THOUGHT: Winning Campaign: C’est Si Bone

FINAL THOUGHT: Winning Campaign: C’est Si Bone

Before the polls even opened, I knew Leesburg City Commission candidate Bob Bone was going to unseat incumbent Bill Polk. I knew Bone would be elected the day a shadow fell upon my meatloaf and mashed at Bloom’s. The shadow…

Shop in your underwear

I love a bargain as much as the next guy or gal, but I don’t have time to clip, sort and collate coupons, I refuse to show up at yard sales at the break of dawn, and I feel it’s…

Perfect pizza?

The ink was barely dry on my Hot List of favorite people, places and things when I found reason to revive it. My quandary was spawned by an email from Leigh Love, who let me know that her wonderful Mount…
FINAL THOUGHT: Confounded by cardboard

FINAL THOUGHT: Confounded by cardboard

Oh, no, you’re not getting back into baseball cards, are you?” my younger brother asked. I was standing, transfixed, in front of two 33-year-old boxes of sports cards in a resale shop. I guess that was the clue. “No way,”…

Food For Thought

There’s lots of good news for those of us who enjoy dining out. The much-anticipated opening of Krystal in Leesburg on Monday has lovers of little square burgers shunning McDonald’s and Burger King, which both recently completed remodeling projects. Let…