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10:02 pm EST
Friday, January 15, 2021

Ashley Sellars | 28

Occupation: Office manager at Southern Land and Fence, LLC and stay-at-home mom.

Love for the land-clearing business: My husband’s family has been in the land and timber business for a long time. Therefore, it was a natural choice for Austin. For me, it was a chance for us to build a company from the ground up. I do not know much about what needs to happen on a job site, and he doesn’t know much about what needs to take place in the office. We make a great team. Also, doing this together has allowed me to stay home and take care of our babies.

Most challenging aspect of your job: Finding balance. My kids are home with me most of the time, so I have to learn to be a great multi-tasker. Juggling snack and nap times, phone calls, emails, laundry, and office deadlines gets a little overwhelming at times.

Greatest career accomplishment: Simply making it through our first three years of business and marriage. No one tells you the sacrifice owning your own business comes with.

Admired leader: Linda Watts, director of Florida’s Hometown USA program. She may not be a national or global leader, but she has done more than most people know for the youth of this town and the State of Florida.

Describe yourself: Energetic, faith-filled, outgoing, resourceful.

Guilty pleasure: Shopping! I could shop when I am happy, mad, or sad. Thankfully, we have two very busy girls to save my wallet.

Philosophy of life: “Trust in God because you may not understand what He is doing at the time, but trust that He is working.”

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