Outstanding Student: Ashley Rosenmund

First woman student to earn industry certification in carpentry at Leesburg High School.

Interviewer: Theresa Campbell

Photo: Douglas Tyler

  • Parents: Christopher and Stephanie Rosenmund, of Fruitland Park.
  • Only woman in her construction classes.
  • Graduated in May from Leesburg High School.
  • Plans to attend Lake-Sumter State College for nursing studies. 

My motto:
Everything will be fine, you just got to give it time. 

Future goals and dreams:
To work in the nursing field. 

Favorite possession:
My silver truck.

Best advice I’ve been given:
Stay strong. 

Favorite high school subjects:
Math and construction classes. 

What was it like with all male peers in construction classes?
There was some teasing. I just ignored it and kept doing what I was supposed to be doing. 

Favorite carpentry projects:
Making picnic tables, fence posts and building stairs for houses for Habitat for Humanity. 

My best learning style:

My hero/inspiration:
My mom. She has pushed me to do things that I don’t think I can accomplish. She has faith in me, and she’s been the biggest influence in my life. 

The thrill of winning the carpentry award:
I didn’t think I would get it because I started in carpentry in my senior year. 

Advice to other girls about construction classes:
The classes are really fun, and it teaches you that you can do projects by yourself. 

What people don’t know about me:
Most people are surprised about the carpentry award and they’re saying, “I am so proud of you!” 

Favorite activity:
Singing. Sometimes me and my dad go to Legends restaurant in Fruitland Park and we do karaoke.

If I could trade places with someone for a day:
I would trade places with (actress) Jennifer Aniston. 

Favorite food:
Steak, cooked medium-well. 

Pet peeve:
When people don’t check to see if rumors are true.

If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead, it would be:
My paternal grandmother. 

Best day of my life:
Graduation on May 17. 

What makes me happy:
Family, music and my four dogs.