Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
10:51 pm EST
Friday, January 15, 2021

Alejandra Perez | 29

Occupation: Teacher of 11th grade US History at Mount Dora High School.

Accolades: Lake County Rookie Teacher of the Year for the 2020-’21 school year.

Leader I admire: Former President Obama for his consistent message of hope and urgency that we continue to participate in our democracy and look out for one another.

Advice I’d give my younger self: Stop looking at the setbacks as failures and start seeing them as setups.

Hidden talents: I am a really good chef and love getting to cook vegetarian dishes for my friends and family.

Guilty pleasures: French fries.

Describe yourself: Ambitious, funny, stubborn, and optimistic.

Desired superpower: The power to control time. Not travel through time, although that would be included. But, control time for sure.

If I had $5 million: I would invest a large portion of it back into Lake County Schools because I am a product of this county. I would set up a board made up of parents, teachers, school leaders, and students to design and implement a strategic plan to maximize the funds. I would also pay off my parents’ mortgage and use a small chunk of it to purchase an apartment or townhouse by the beach. I would donate the rest of the funds to non-profit organizations that I admire.

Philosophy of life: “It is your personal responsibility to leave this place better than you found it.”

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