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Sunday, December 5, 2021

A place where recovery is key


You’ll find compassion, essential care, and a safe road to recovery at TVRH Rehabilitation Hospital.

Discovering that inpatient rehabilitation is needed can often be confusing for a patient and their family, especially after a traumatic incident like a stroke, spinal cord injury, or joint replacement. However, there is a place that offers excellent therapy in a caring environment during your journey back to good health.

TVRH Rehabilitation Hospital is part of The Villages® Regional Hospital, located on the fifth floor. It is a 30-bed acute-care, inpatient rehabilitation center designed to aid those with chronic conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, neurological disorders, and knee or hip replacement.

Using this facility means you have easy access to hospital services such as diagnostic testing and physician oversight by a board-certified physiatrist. The rehabilitation hospital includes a physical therapy gym, communal dining hall, and an activities-of-daily-living suite. While in the hospital, patients receive around-the-clock care.

Delaine Guitian, OTR, MBA/HCM, Director of Rehabilitation Services, including the rehabilitation hospital, cited a 2014 study conducted by the ARA Research Institute—an affiliate of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association—that noted patients achieved better results with inpatient rehabilitation facilities. There were many significant differences. For example, the average length of stay in post-acute care was 12.4 days versus 26.4 days while in a skilled nursing facility.

“Patients must have a medical reason to be admitted here, but we do things like helping stroke patients learn to manage their blood pressure,” Guitian says. “When you look at the differences in cost, acute rehabilitation may cost more initially, but the outcome is better. The patient gets well faster, goes home quicker, and stays home longer.”

She notes patients seem to respond better when they realize the TVRH Rehabilitation Hospital is a short-term facility.

“Our therapists and nurses provide quality care with great outcomes,” Guitian says. “Patients need to know they can request to come to TVRH Rehabilitation Hospital. While there are a number of options that may be provided by a patient’s doctor and/or case manager, the patient has the ultimate choice.”

Visitors are welcomed in the TVRH Rehabilitation Hospital at any time. “Walk-ins are welcome,” Guitian says, “or you can call and make an appointment. We provide hope, and we have the best care here. We think you’ll find a quicker and more comfortable path to recovery in our facility than  anywhere else.”


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