Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
8:01 pm EST
Saturday, December 5, 2020

A place to call home

There’s no better time to build a new home in Lake and Sumter counties. Four of the top builders in the area spoke with Style staff to provide insight about upcoming trends, styles, and new features in home design. With everything from pet showers to concrete countertops, there’s a new list of what families want in their dream homes. 

Coming up March 30-April 7 is the annual Parade of Homes presented by the Home Builders Association of Lake-Sumter. This popular event is a great place to generate ideas for your own new home. It provides the opportunity to see what most builders in the area are doing and what they can do to bring your perfect home to life.

Though it began with four colorful penguins and the promise of custom homes, it eventually went up for sale. Dora Parc had big plans for a gated community in Mount Dora offering walking paths with streetlights and access to Lake Dora through a narrow canal, but it never came to be. However, a different developer has purchased the property and is moving forward with a new and exciting development.

Now we have something to celebrate. During the past year, Leesburg High School has been working with The Villages Rotary Club to end bullying. We know this is a problem in many area schools, but LHS has found an answer that works for its students and administration. Meet the people behind the movement and learn how it has changed the outlook of the students, the atmosphere of the school, and the relationship between the students and administration.

Home and school, two of the places where we spend much of our lives. At Style, we want you to know what’s happening around you, and if you have news to share, let us know. 

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